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Book Club Kit

In collaboration with the fabulous team at Park Row Books, we have developed a wonderful book club kit for book clubs who want to discuss The Lost Apothecary!

The kit includes:

  • 15 discussion questions with major spoilers (some questions are thought-provoking, some are whimsical; pick your poison!)

  • A "behind the book" feature with pictures from my own mudlarking experience

  • Cocktail recipes (alcoholic and non)

Don't forget! There are additional recipes at the back of The Lost Apothecary. The rosemary butter biscuit cookies would make an exceptionally good snack for a club meeting.

Your book club might also consider a "DIY potion station" to make the tincture at the back of the book ("Blackfriars Balm for Bugs & Boils.")

Please note: the book club kit is FULL of spoilers. Very big spoilers! Read at your own risk.

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