So begins the adventure,  I left Saskatoon at 1 p.m. knowing that I’d still have four hours in Edmonton before getting on an actual overseas flight.  Anticlimactic is a word to use in this situation. Still I was really excited. The best part of being the the Edmonton airport for any time is grabbing cookies from Cookies by George.  I particularly care for their peanut butter chocolate cookie.  mmmmm.  

Already one hiccup has been surmounted.  I use the big word surmounted because I’m incredibly high strung about this trip as much as I say I’m not overplanning or so very ready for it.  During Icelandair’s document check before boarding they told me the plane had changed since yesterday and the seat I had chosen 6F was no longer in cattle class (economy) I’d been moved to 34F…the back of the plane. Let’s just say I didn’t accept that with any kind of grace. I eventually was moved to 21A. Slightly better, no longer the farthest away from the door.  However, to my great surprise right before we took off the Stewardess asked if I would move to 7F to allow a couple to sit together.  Uh, YES!  Ultimately I ended up practically where I was before the whole administrative kerfluffle.  But I had a tenuous hold on my emotions for a moment.  

I learned that Icelandair knows a little bit about what passengers like too.  They provide blankets, pillows, and tiny bottled water on the plane.  That blanket is invaluable for trying to catch any zzzz’s.  Although I didn’t do too well.  

I’m not pit stopped in KEF (Reykjavik) for all of 40 minutes before boarding the last leg of my journey to Enlgland.  While it’s 7a.m. here it’s still only 1 a.m. according to my biological clock.  I’m hoping to sleep a bit better on this next flight.  

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