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For the last week I’ve had a pinched nerve in my shoulder.

Everyone asks “What did you DO?”  

The answer is nothing really, nothing abnormal anyway.

The Doctor asks about my stress levels and I say “nothing more than the usual”.  She gives me T3s.  My pregnant friend exclaims, that’s what she’ll get after her c-section.  Is my shoulder the same as having a baby cut out of you?

How do you tell them that you’re really blessed to have as little pressure placed on you, externally, than the majority of people, that you create your own stress instead.

Since I’ve finished school I’ve been in limbo.  I’m job seeking, but fully aware that I’m leaving for Europe in March.  So the interviews that I’ve had, I think it’d be really nice to be offered the job, but what will happen when I tell them I’m away for a month.  It is pointless to be searching Right Now?  Or am I happily proactive.  I don’t know and no one can really tell me either.

My HR mentor was recently laid off.  And she’s not that upset about it.  This gives her the opportunity to pursue things she’s far better suited and way more interested in.  But still, I think, it’s unpleasant to be let go in that way, basically fired except for a legal technicality.

I read the transportation plan for my city today.  We’re finally going to put in lights, like proper Red, Yellow, Green lights.  Exciting times.

I also finally used the Library again.  I ordered books online so all I had to do was pick them up.  Even then, audiobooks?  Those are going on the ipod so I can run to them.  It’s changing, how I consume that medium.

Agent Carter is back tonight.  I love Peggy Carter.  She far surpasses the actual Avengers; her story is fascinating.


This is why I have a category called General Rambling.

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