Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I’ve never watched any of the ‘original’ Star Wars movies.  Ever.  No desire to do so.  That said, I really did want to see the new JJ Abrams incarnation of Star Wars.  Not really because I like JJ, look at what he did to the Star Trek Reboot, but because the fans seemed so very very excited about this movie.  And I happen to enjoy space fighting. 🙂  (I’m an original Star Trek fan).

I waited a neat month before finding a friend to go see the film with.  In that time I was fortunate enough to be exposed to excellent reviews from my favorite podcasts, and exuberant fan-ing in my Tumblr feed.  As well as, a lot of John Boyega fans/interviews/pic spams.

john boyega

He’s pretty great.  I love his relationship with Harrison Ford, and that he’s being mentored by Robert Downey Jr.

I may have been more happy to see the actors doing their thing, knowing what little I can know about their process in creating the movie that I was about the actual storyline.  Disappointing Ben. But I know have another OT3 in Finn/Poe/Rey.

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