So I’m Done

I finished my coursework for my undergrad degree this month.

That’s an impressively immense relief.  I started in 2014 and it only took two years while working at the same time.  Once I started really getting into the Human Resource and Labour courses I loved them and now I’m really ready for a career change.

Last week was rough though as I had difficulty getting my last grades from my last course, which only began in December.  I had done the coursework in November so I just had to submit and review feedback.  Still getting not-so-great feedback on one assignment sent me spinning and questioning whether I should challenge the grade or just graduate.  I picked graduating.  I looked at the requirements for doing an MBA later and I’ll still easily qualify (and more).  I just never really wanted to go through the mini-crisis of ‘my grades are not who I am as a person’.  That wasn’t fun.  I’ve always, probably more than I should have, valued my grades as a reflection of my intelligence and used them to prop up my ego.  Which, I realize isn’t exactly smart of healthy especially when something challenges that flimsy structure.  Intelligence is not measured by scholastic grades (mostly).

I’ll finally have letters after my name in 2016 though.  I’m very pleased by this.

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