Skye to Glasgow to Frankfurt…eventually 

My night on the Isle of Skye was lovely.  Beautiful location at Saucy Mary’s.  Clever name, related to an old wives tale about the Viking Princess who married the Clan leader on that side of the Isle.  She apparently charged a rudimentary toll for those crossing between the Isle and Scotland proper and if the tip was sufficient enough she’d flash the sailors.  While this tale is told curtesy of our excellent tour guide I’m fairly confident it’s all a lie.  Still, an amusing lie when told by a Scot.

This really really happy face was because the fellow taking pictures beside me was having a lark and making gifs with his phone.  Also, every time the two boys get off the bus one takes pictures of the other.  The reasons are A) chap 1 likes pictures of himself and B) chap 2 is the one who usually has the camera.  It was funny.  I enjoyed them.

Our trip back through Scotland, the Highlands, was a different route, we passed, perhaps less places of great interest and saw a lot more scenery, which is of course beautiful.

We stopped on this side of the mountain because the clouds were just over the loch.  And later we made our way to the exact other side, further up so we could see if the clouds were still on the loch, we’d be above them.  They weren’t really still there, but this was just so interesting to see.

Tragically, because it’s a bank holiday (Easter) there were far too many people out.  It’s great that everyone seems to flock to the Highlands to hike and take pictures.  I really like that Scotland has the right to roam.  If I come back I’d like to do more climbing on the hills (I need boots with a real tread).

We did come down into this little valley between the mountains though.  I like these mountains, compared to the only other ones I’ve really seen, the Rokies.  These are less snowy and seem much more claimable.  

I got off the tour bus in Glasgow, hoping to catch a train to London Euston, then Eurostar to Bruxxles Midi and then Frankfurt.  That didn’t happen.  Instead I looked at the price of the train ticket to London and at 120 some pounds I decided it was too dear, as it would be more than that for the remainder of my connections.  Instead I used my overseas internet connection (Mum) to locate the nearest shuttle to the airport where about an hour and a half later, several tears, a bit of hyperventilating, I’ve snagged a 191 pound trip from Glasgow International through Paris to Frankfurt on the morrow.  It’s not exactly what I wanted but it’s a bit more cost effective and I’ll still get into Frankfurt around 2 p.m. tomorrow.  I really only need to be there for the night so I can make a connection to the Heidleburg Region on Wednesday to connect with my Germany, Austria, Switzerland Tour.  I’ve learned that I like Tours, hopefully this next one my knees won’t be bumped up against the seat in front of me as they’re still sore from the last one. 

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