Munich to Salzburg

Munich was nice.  A bit of a big city, 1.4 million, which we’ve already established I don’t care for the really big places (at least not when just visiting). The night before I enjoyed a traditional German Beergarden.  I still don’t care for beer but it was a necessary experience and the company was entertaining.  Tuesday morning’s city tour was led by a native Detroit resident, Keith, he was amusing, and spoke German with a very American accent.  We visited, yet another Wittlebach castle, it was one of the largest although we only saw a small part of it. 

The tour ended in the centre of Munich where there is a famous Glochenspiel that plays and has movement.  We caught, perfectly timed, the noon showing.  It was old, but still underwhelming. 

 After the tour, we had free time to shop an find lunch etc.  I wandered up down and around the area, thought about clothes shopping, remembered the size of my backpack and rethought that.  Also, people are skinny here.  I blame this on two things, 1) they walk a LOT and 2) it’s expensive to eat.  So they don’t eat a lot and they walk or bike everywhere. Anywho.  

 Wednesday and Thursday (6/7) are in Salzburg.  We’re in Austria until the end of the tour now.  So far. I’ve greatly enjoyed Salzburg and area .  The day we arrived we had a city tour starting in the Mirrabel gardens and winding through the old area of town where Mozart was born and areas where the Sound of Music was shot.   

 The Bishops church was especially spectacular, those Catholics and their art obsession. 

 We went up on another funicular to the fortress in Salzburg, used as a prison.  The torture chamber was anticlimactic.  But the view was stunning.  Day,


 And from a cannon.

 We had dinner in a traditional Austria restaurant.  Which means they charge you for butter.  It was shocking.  We subsequently spent the next 10 minutes talking about how great it is in North America that we don’t have to individually pay for butter, ketchup, mustard etc.  I then joined a group going to a Skybar.  Our first choice was under renovations, but we did find another one which we sat at until it started to drizzle then moved indoors.  Great views. 

 Today I showed one of my tour mate show to straighten pictures and change the tilt shift perspective.  She was thrilled.  Just because I don’t edit my pictures doesn’t mean I don’t know how, I just don’t want to be bothered.  :). The camera I’m using takes amazing shots.  But in travelling, we went to Berchtesgarden to Grassl schnapps distillery, at 9:30 in the morning.  It was the only time that worked out for the group, so we started the day off right with a variety of schnapps distilled from the Gentian Flower in the alps. 

 That’s tour was quite fun actually.  Then we meandered 5 minutes over to the the Salzbergwerk (Salt Mines).  This was a fantastic tour!  No pictures allowed but we suited up, rode basically a pommel horse train down into the mine, were guided around through the historical equipment of the mine and down two miners slides!!  The deepest point was 140 meters under the mountain at mirror lake.  Water so still and clear it looks invisible.  We took a boat across the water to continue the tour before being led back up.   

 We lunched in Berchtesgarden proper, had Kafee and Kuchen with our guide and then something amazing called Lenkasse (?) which is finely ground pork and beef made into a meatloaf style log and fried before being sliced onto buns.  It looks like spam but is the most real and quality version of spam.  It was so good. Tonight is the last night in Salzburg and I’m attending a Mozart concert with a five course dinner (Fancy). 


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