Lucerne to Vaduz to Innsbruck to Munich

We left Lucerne Sunday morning and hit three Counties on our way to Innsbruck.  Or a loop rather.  Lucerne, Germany to Vaduz, Lichteschtein, to Innsbruck, Austria, and then on to Munich, Germany.

The nature of doing a bus tour means that most of my landscape shots are from a window.  But they’re still lovely. I think Austria would have a hard time giving me a bad picture.

I loved visiting Lichtenstein.  What a great little Principality, only 15Km across and 30 Km deep.  Basically it would take less than a half marathon to run across the country, and based on the number of bicyclists we saw I’m sure many people ride across it on the daily.   Also the weather has been FANTASTIC and about 10 degrees above normal here.  Yesterday was +20 and it’ll be the same today.   Time to break out the sunnies.  Anyway, after Vaduz (Cabin Pressure!) we travelled onward to Innsbruck our stop for that night.  We arrived in the afternoon giving us the time necessary for that day’s city tour. Our guide, Christian, was hilarious, in that dry sense of humour and little subtle comments.  By far the best to date.  He got us access to an old building that still needed to be renovated but was typical of the type of building Innsbruck had 700 years ago.  This particular one used to be the first public school. The inside of these buildings starts with a courtyard to get light and air into the buildings.  It’s incredible woodwork. 

 We lakes around the Old CIty, visited yet another Catholic Church.  although this one built by Maximillion III was suitably impressive and gold and overly ornate.  Those Catholics man.  They love their Stuff. No pictures of the inside because they also charged, the church needs exterior repairs (probably because they spent all their only on the gold inside). The flagship Swaroski store is in Innsbruck.  It was super shiny. I don’t wear enough jewelry to warrant buying anything though.

We were only in Innsbruck for the night so Monday morning we left off for Munich via the famous Neuschwanstein castle.  The one Walt Diney used as inspiration for Cinderella’s castle. It’s hard to get a good picture of it from the angles of a normal human, unless you’re in a helicopter.   

 The castle is only 1/3 completely finished as the King dies (murdered) before it was finished and all work stopped upon his demise.  It’s also really ornate inside.  Our guide said it was Ludwig’s homage to the operatic worlds created by Richard Wagner. After the walk down the mountain, we climb a few small mountains on this trip, we were back on our way to Munich.

 Today is a trip around Munich followed by some free time, which I’m hoping to shop a bit in MarionPlatz.

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