Kilbarchan to Glasgow to Fort Agustus

First a final recap of 24.  I went for a walk with my Airbnb host Thursday evening, lovely area around Kilbarchan.  It was good to get out and stretch the tired walking muscles.  The people who live in Scotland must all have very toned calves as there is nothing but hills everywhere.  Just when you think you’re due for a down slope it’s another up.  

I slept really well at her place, waking at a normal time for me Friday morning (25).  The Weaver’s Cottage (Scottish Heritage Site) didn’t open until 1 p.m. so I spent the morning booking all the rest of my hotel/hostels until I leave Europe.  One big thing down!  I now know I’ll get off my tour in Vienna make my way up to Berlin for 2 nights and then Amsterdam for 2 after which I’ll happily return to Canada.  Those last four days are the only ones I’ll have to think about what to do on.  From now until then I know what my travel has to be and what not…mostly.  I’m still working on how to get from Frankfurt to the Heidelberg Region.  It’s not that far, but it’s the German train system which is 1) not my language and 2) not my language.  Which will be just a touch different.  

The Weavers Cottage tells the history of Kilbarchan and a touch of Paisley.  As the Paisley patter which we consider so outdated was made famous in the town of Paisley.  This town along with Kilbarchan were majority weaving towns.  The livelihood of the majority of the tradespeople, and while I knew that weaving wasn’t an easy work, the very manual manner in which weaving was done wasn’t apparent until I saw the equipment.  I was also lucky enough (everyone gets too) try my  hand at using the more modern but simple loom they have.

I’m a bit tall for the older space.  The three lovey ladies who volunteer/work at the cottage were wealths of information.  One of them is still the resident weaver (Christine).  She even made, was asked to make, a tartan to recognize the anniversary of some Scottish battle.

She explained it to me how the colours represent the two armies, English and Scottish, their sides on either side of a brook and then their inevitable clashing.  It’s very interesting how they can weave stories into cloth.
Saturday (26) begins my three day tour of the Scottish Highlands including the Isle of Skye. The morning of was rainy in Glasgow and has been slightly rainy everywhere else we’ve been and the first night is in Fort Augustus.  While the remainder of the passengers went on a tour of Loch Ness stopping off at a Castle I chose the cheaper and less groups thing of wandering around Drumnadrochit.

Which means yes, it was a bit more boring, but I did finally manage to get pictures of SHEEP! Sheep in a town centre no less.

Now it’s off to Fort Agustus for the evening.  

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