Isle of Skye

Today we toured the Isle of Skye.  It’s been beautiful and now stationed in Kyleakin with blissfully strong wifi I can get my writing done!  

It’s beautiful here.  We did stop off at a castle Eilean Donan first though.  One of the last lived in Castles in Scotland, up until the 1950s even.  It was restored for use from 1920s to 1932 by one of the McRae’s who are the historical owners of the land. 

We also stopped to feed carrots to some Harry Coos (Hairy Cows in Scottish).

Then across the bridge to Skye!  It’s been mountains and glenns and lochs everywhere.  It’s also rained on and off all day, which mostly adds to the beauty, then the sun came out (in Scotland no less) and we had many rainbows!

It’s so bright.  And this probably dosen’t do justice to how brilliant it actually was.  Anyway, in the Fairy Glenn, myself and two of my bus-mates climbed the rock below.

Scale is hard to show.  But we selfied anyway.

In fact I took a lot more selfies this day, which has been nice.  But there’s not much more to say.  I only slipped in the mud once, my poor friend in the striped jumper full on fell in the mud twice! At two different locations, it was hilarious and sad.


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  1. Scotland looks fabulous and you are definitely embarking on an adventure. What a wonderful opportunity to experience new things, learn something about yourself, about others and about the world. Great pictures.

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