Glasgow to Paris to Frankfurt

(29) Glasgow

I stayed in the Holiday Inn Express right at Glasgow Airport, making it super easy to get up and go find my flight to Paris, connecting to Frankfurt.  Although, these large airports are slightly more confusing than Saskatoon’s I still found my way just fine.  


Air France was great, short flight, no one sat next to me, it was all good until we started descent into Paris.  At that point it became slightly close to the wire to make the connection, as we landed late close to 12:00 and the connecting flight boarded at 12:15.  The thing is, you have to go through security again and passport check and then take a bus to the next gate.  This all took just barely too long and I missed the flight.  So they rebooked me on the flight at 16:40 (4:40) with a slight chance that if someone doesn’t show up for the 15:10 (3:10) flight and I can hop on that one instead. Andthat didn’t   happen. Unfortunately, for other people, the 3:10 flight was straight up cancelled so those poor unfortunate souls had to be shuffled, some to my flight, most to the one at 6 and the really unlucky ones until the next day. Also, that 4:4 flight was further delayed.  They had to switch planes, crews, and terminals so once we finally got on the plane we waited another hour to leave.  Issues with the doors they said.  I don’t really want to know more.  I made it to Frankfurt.


Landing in Frankfurt was a bit of a relief.  This waas the last solo pit-stop before I connect with the tour group in Heidelburg. I got in so late that I didn’t really do anything, except attempt to get lost and had a chat with several folks to get where I needed to be, which was literally across the street and a bit down Kaiserstrasse.  But I am nicht  sehr gut at directions. I slept fine.  This hostel only has wifi in the main area which sucks.  Butt their charging stations were plentiful.

(30) Heidelburg

I left Frankfurt am Main around 10:06 and took the 1.5hr journey (lots of little stops not actually far) trip to Heidelburg.  Lots of people still speak English but less signs are in English here.  Everything in Frankfurt was duo-lingo. THere are good tourist information centres at the train stations though.  It was raining when I arrived soon stead of walking and subsequently getting lost, I took a bus to the tram station that pulls you up the side of a mountain to the Schlosshotel Molkenkur.  This is apparently where I am to meet the tour group, and yet I manage to arrive much much earlier than they.  The lovely hotel staff know nothing about my group, but are letting me squat and use their internet while I wait.  Here’s to hoping they show up before I get too stressed out.

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