Fear of Public Speaking

January 16 I’m scheduled to give a presentation to the U of S Pharmacy and Nutrition, 2nd year students.  This cohort is required to take a public speaking class and they do it through Toastmasters.  It’s mutually beneficial as TM gets paid and in turn pays the clubs who participate in kind.

Because I’ve been involved in the past year and a half they still ask me to help out.  It’s fun to do volunteer things but they sure do like to hang on.  Still, since I run the Division Website this year (15-16) I get advance notice and choice of speeches.



This is what my slides will look like.  I did a little digging on how to properly use slides so that I didn’t have to put the whole speech up there.  Students don’t pay attention to the speaker if they can just read the slides.

I hope it will go well.  As with 75% of the population I fear public speaking.  Although, according to Matthew Haughey of MetaFilter, only the really dumb humans don’t fear it.
“Think about this: is having 30 or 300 or 3,000 pairs of eyes staring at you from the darkness while you stand alone on stage good for you? Deep down, you know it’s bad right? Did you ever stop to think why that is? I have heard this hypothesis from lots of people but in the normal course of human existence, any more than 5 or 6 pairs of eyes on you means trouble. If there are 300 pairs of eyes looking at you, you are about to be ambushed — you are someone’s dinner.”
Update – January 16, 2015
So, gave the speech.  It was a bit of do as I say and not as I do.  Which most of my speeches are.  I could have practiced more and I didn’t really stick around to find out if it hit the mark.  It felt good.  I made great eye contact and my slides looks lovely, I made my points and came in under 10 minutes (which was the goal).  So overall, going to call it a success!  Apart from being the Webmaster that was the last obligation I had for TM.  Time to evaluate if I’ll continue.  To some degree it really depends on if I get a job in HR somewhere other than SK.  But I also can’t hold my life in limbo because of a maybe.

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