End of September

There’ve been lots of changes this month.  In late August I accepted a job offer in retail, ugh.  It was never what I wanted but ast the previous 4 mom months showed I wasn’t getting anything else.  So before I started that work I had one last sweet summer weekend.

The first weekend in September was the PotashCorp Fireworks Festival in Saskatoon.  It’s an annual event where two teams ‘compete’ with fireworks shows set to music and launched off a barge on the river.  This year we had Team Phillipines and Team Canada (as always).


The Phillipines was alright but nothing like the year before which was Team China, and to be fair China should do fireworks better than anyone else in the world.  Burden of creation, right. On the flip side Team Canada was great. Lots of current/classic music and a great show all round.  This year I made an effort to take better pictures so on Saturday night Jill and I set up tripods and hoarded good spots right at the edge of the riverbank.  I had to change like 10 settings on my camera but I’m rather pleased with the outcome.  It was fun to learn something new about taking good pictures. The hard part about the fireworks was avoiding the smoke left behind because they were set off so rapidly.

The really special part of this event this year was that my cousin, Erik, came out from Calgary of the weekend.  This is the only cousin I’ve ever really connected with and we just kept missing each other when I was in Alberta.   In honour of his first solo visit out to us we did a first annual cousins’ (of legal age, so Kristina isn’t excluded deliberately) golf tournament. Every 10 years we’ll do 9 holes because He’s the only good golfer in the bunch. It was a beautiful day for it though.




Back to the job thing.  The week after Erik left I started in ernest .  I, fortunately, was hired on as a Shift Lead which gives me a bit more responsibility and more hours, although it’s still classified as part-time so they don’t have to guarantee hours or pay for benefits.  Regardless in the last month I’ve been working just shy of full-time.  There’s been a bit of a learning curve but I’ve done retail before.  The most fun part is that I’ve been lightly involved in interviewing which finally makes use of that first degree I finished this year.  still horribly underpaid for my qualifications but the adage of beggars can’t be choosers still applies and I need to pay that expensive cell phone bill every month.  I’m so lucky, fortunate, blessed that I have extremely supportive parents who aren’t kicking me out even as much as I’d love to move out.  I really need to get Jill a better job so I can go live with her lol.

The last big change is that in August I made the decision to do more school because getting a job in my field wasn’t working out.  So, I’m doing that Graduate Diploma in International Relations through the University of London (UK) called Universities and Colleges London and the who thing is written and supported through the London School of Economics (my holy grail of schools).   I didn’t really know what to expect in International Relations but it’s a pleasing mix of a social science economics and a philosophy of history and quite the dash of political science.  It’ll be a challenge to force all this history in my head when I never went that route normally.  I have high expectations of myself so I’ve been going hard in this first month trying to get 35 hours in around work and sleep every week.  Also I picked the dumbest elective course, Economies of Labour is much more complicated maths than I ever anticipated and while I like knowing about the labour market in this depth I’m dying with the math.  I’m in the process of obtaining a tutor.  100% finals will be the death of me. And I could talk about this subject for hours and ages.  I really like the process of school.

This last /current week has been really hard to focus and because I’m struggling in Labour economics I’ve felt really bad.  Plus I’ve had a cold with a damn persistent cough anyway what that boils down too is that I desperately need the tiny vacation trip I’m taking.

Oh, and I’m back in German on Monday nights.  Which is going well! And I’m in the same class with some people from the Spring session and I caved and bought semester parking behind the Williams building so I don’t have to struggle for parking off Cumberland.  This is really happy news, it’s the small things in life that keep ya going.


And here now at the end of September I’m on a plane going back to Maitoba.  This will make three times this year which is way more than I’ve been back in the last five years. This time around I’ve a Western Murder Mystery to attend.  Pictures of that will be in Octobers EOM. I made most of my costume, forest excluded.  It’s awesome.

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