End of October

This months EOM coming to you courtesy of my left hand. I fractured the ring finger on my right hand and will be wearing a splint (and pin) for another week and a half. Great eh.


So at the very beginning of the month I went back to MB for mon Cheris birthday party, which happened to be a Western themed Murder Mystery party. Turns out I’m really into this kind of dressing up and acting as I won Best Performance for playing the professional gambler, Holly Hickok.


To be fair, I had nothing to lose by completely embodying my role (I knew no one at the party). OR I just like committing.

After that fantastic weekend it was back to work and school.

Still having a lot of trouble with the maths in my economies of labour but have completely failed to find a tutor and UCL has not responded to me in 20+ days. Otherwise I’m rolling right along and now know a fair bit about the failures of fiscal policy, sovereignty, and nationalism. It’s more of a struggle since the hand incident as I can no longer take all of my notes by hand, which is how I’ve become so terribly good at typing left-handed!


German classes also started up again, still mediocre but I do enjoy them. Sehr Gut.  Errrrrr, the month just kinda ticked on with work and fracture, surgery, and now it’s the 31st.

Enjoy this weeks fav music.


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