End of November

Good god Lemon.

It’s already December 3rd and I’m only finally writing this EOM.  November has been good and the end has been very fast. November starts off with two family birthdays and one incredibly disappointing American election. It shouldn’t be all that surprising that I wanted Hillary to win, not because I love her (although I need to believe that a woman can be the leader of the current hegemon), but because the alternative, Donald, is a terrible terrible person surrounded by hate-filled people.

Disregarding that beginning I got the pin taken out of my finger and am still getting full mobility back of that digit.

I’ve eaten a lot of pizza.

Bry released his debut album and it’s amazing. I’ve been listening to that a lot.

School is trucking along, I’ve been taking it easier with fewer weekly goals because it’s the holiday season and I’m getting full time hours at the Toy Store.  I still really like my job *except the pay* and I’ve learned a lot from the responsibility given to me.  That said I did also have two interviews in November that I hope pan into something HR-centric.

I found a wonderful new candle smell, Spiced Apple Toddy.

And someone ran into my car while I was on my way to German class. So I have yet another new bumper, SGI claim, and fear of left turns.  It was great…

On the note of German, I passed level 2 and registered for level 3 in the new year.  I know I’ll probably need to step it up to maintain growth

And that’s been a brief of November.  I’ll be more on top of Decembers EOM.




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