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There is endless chatter these days about finding your passion, living your passion, and leveraging your passion to be successful.  I’ve struggled with this for months since I graduated and actually before, becuase if you know and have a passion apparently it’s easier to brand yourself and to narrow your focus on what kind of career and life you want.  But I usually come up short on the question of whether there’s something I’m passionate about.  I can’t find that ONE thing that means the most to me.  So I did a bit of research, which usually comprises asking Google a question. 🙂  And I came up with a few things.

Should there be something I’m passionate about?

Not necessarily.

What If I Don’t Have Any Passions?

I get hung up on Problem #3: the word Passion.

Apparently I need to find a theme among my interests, find what intrinsically motivates, and what I like to learn.

Or maybe…

‘Follow Your Passion’ Is Crappy Advice

I love the bit of this article that says you have to work towards building passion for your job.  Cultivate passion, it can’t just be found it must be developed.  This is the best advice I could hear at this point because I’m stuck like this guy.


And lastly I think I may have found an answer…Multipotentialilty.  The possibility that I may not have ONE passion or interest but MANY and they’re constantly changing and that is OKAY.  I don’t have to choose one thing, I can be many things throughout my life.  Since I’m feeling that life is going to go that way and I’m happy about that this kind of label really helps.

The Myth of The True Calling

This all surrounds the fact that I was (am?) job seeking and was hoping to break into the HR or LR career.

It’s not going so well.  I had a phone phone interview after which they never contacted me again even though the tagline is that they’ll let you know either way. ha. ha. I’ve had endless rejection emails…or worse no email whatsoever.

I did attend the SAHRP Mentorship wrap-up event and received a lot of encouragement.  My mentor and I had discussed using it as an opportunity to speed date me around for career prospects.  So we did a bit of that and I was greatly encouraged by a number of the ladies, I got business cards and a phone number.  Now to use some of that somehow.

I connect easily on LinkedIn but no one ever reads my nice little customized notes.  Sadface,  LinkedIn needs to make them read my little notes, i don’t write those for nothing.

Also I still have a mentor!  We’re still getting together lackadaisically.  It’s good, I feel like a year wasn’t long enough to really get a relationship going.

Lastly, I talked to a Recruiter here, I was advised to contact, and her advice was to ignore the systems in place, the systems they set in place. Take a HARD copy of my resume and physically go beg hiring managers to talk to me. Seriously.  If this is how I have to get a career why do the systems exist?  So. I’m Frustrated. I just don’t want to end up like this.


The Other Things

Apart from my ongoing existential crisis I’ve been helping out around the house.  This month we painted the exterior of the house, the garage, and the storage shed.  And I learned how to build scaffolding!  I understand now how it can be a specialty career.

We’ve also rebuilt one of our good neighbor fences.  This was a rather large project, not in scale but because it’s a collaborative effort between neighbors.

2016 Fence Collage

I now know how to build a fence! That’s really cool.  I love learning ‘construction’ projects.

Those two things have taken up a lot of time and effort.  Yet I’ve still found time to read.


As part of my 52 books in a year attempt I recently read Rising Strong by Brené Brown which was AMAZING.  I need to read the whole loosely bound trilogy but, here are some of my favourite quotes.

What boundaries do I need to put in place so I can work from a place of integrity and extend the most generous interpretations of the intentions, words, and actions of others? p.123

The opposite of faith is not doubt – it’s certainty.  Steve and I didn’t leave religion because we stopped believing in God.  Religion left us when it started putting politics and certainty before live and mystery. p.160


When you judge yourself for needing help. You judge those you are helping. When you attach value to giving help, you attach value to needing help.

The danger of tying your self-worth to being a helper is feeling shame when you have to ask for help.

Offering help is courageous and compassionate, but so is asking for help. p.180

It doesn’t hurt.  We turn to the old standby, “I don’t give a shit what anyone things.” We stop caring or, at the very least, we start pretending that we don’t care.  This is also dangerous.  Not caring what people think is its own hustle.  The armor we have to wear to make not caring a reality is heavy, uncomfortable, and quickly obsolete…Not caring what people think is a hustle, and it’s not winnable. p.245

She has much wisdom to share and it’s important work; learning to be vulnerable and honest with other people and yourself.


I got really out of practice with running over the winter.  Between the crappy weather and shin splints I took far too long off.  Now I’m trying to get back on the horse so I can do the colour run in late June.  So I’m doing treadmill couch to 5k, it has very different intervals.  I’m going faster through it than scheduled so I can finish in time.  But I did convince one lovely friend to get back into running so I have a running partner! And Roona is back from Australia now so I can run with her again. 😀

I also made this terrible little poster of encouraging things for my running space.

MyMorning Routine-

It makes me happy.  Helps with the difficulty of running on a treadmill.


I get inspired sometimes to just create a thing.  And since backpacking around I kinda really like backpacks and their convenience.  I didn’t want to buy a little one so I made one.


It’s adorable and exactly the right size to fit my wallet, planner, camera, keys, pen case, and phone.  I love it when things work out just perfectly.  The instructions for this were taken from a combination of some Japanese site with sketchy directions and a variety of other sources with things I liked.  Those front pockets are like triple the size the pattern said to cut.

That’s a May roundup.  Other things have happened or not and more are coming right at the tail end.  tumblr_o60vteXZUq1qzlaino1_540


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