End of March

I had this post written and my iPad ate it. 🙁

Now comes the difficulty in remembering what I wanted to say about March.  It’s been quite the month.  I’ve tried new things and met new people.  Not any of the things in the way I thought I would. I discovered that when people say you are who you are no matter where it’s very true.  I am shy, I am quiet, I am not overly adventurous without someone pushing me along.  

Picture time.  This is me walking down the mountain  from Scholosshotel Molkenkur.

And this is me walking back up.

It rained, I got hot(ter).  

Back to just March things.  I passed my German Level 1 (Introductory) and have decided to move on to Level 2.  I also learned that it is barely useful.  So far I have really only used Danke, thankfully lots of people in Germany understand or speak English.

I also made (handmade) cards this month.  I haven’t done that for…years? I made them for co-workers as I  wanted to say nice things which I won’t say in person but it’s always nice to write them in cards, lasts longer, and they’re prettier.  I didn’t take any pictures of them though. Regret.  I made this flower though for one of them, that was a lot of fussy cutting.

Lucy from work gifted me an EOS lip balm that she had lying around.  I now understand why people like them.  The round shape is perfect for getting both lips at the same time.  Terribly satisfying, although the round shape makes me want to bit it.  Strange impulses.

It’s election time in Saskatchewan, April 4.  I pre-voted because I’m still out of country when it happens.  Also, there’s been endless coverage of the American presidential Election, which is really only the campaign for who will run for the two main parties and then foroffice.  But on the topic of Donald Trump I really enjoyed John Green’s (the Author) comment about Trump that you don’t wrestle with a pig, you’ll get dirty and the pig likes it.  Hah.

I gave a speech again in March.  It’s been since January that I last did a public speech, for Toastmasters, of course. It was on Hypermasculinity and a lot of the guys in the group, especially, seemed to really like it.  Which, to me, was a bit surprising but really nice.  One of the retired members, formerly, Warman Chamber of Commerce, sent me a really encouraging email afterwards.  I should probably polish up that speech for future use, although I’ve destroyed my hurriedly made visual aids already.  I drew on a flip chart a few key terms and relevant imagery.  Good work, if I do say so myself.  

Because I intended to go on holidays a number of friends made contact to have coffee/food before I left.  Very kind of them.  In March, I managed to see pretty well all my local friends, not a hard feat, small group that it is, but still.  I read an article the other day about how hard it is to make new friends later in life (I’m obviously so old) and how it may just be better to invest in developing and keeping up those relationships that you already know are good and value.  It’s an interesting concept but it can be limiting.  Whil I am happy and fortunate to have wonderful people invested in my life, I would welcome a few more. Meeting them is where the sticky wicket lies.

Who doesn’t want me to be friends with this. 😀

I went to an SAHRP event in the beginning of the month that was interesting, a good opportunity to deepen and develop connections in the HR community in SK.  Gave out some business cards and added new people on LinkedIn.  Networking is slow work for me.  My mentor is so into it though, she’s been terribly helpful and supportive.  

I just finished my Passion Planner EOM review and I think this is a good place to stop.   


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