End of July

In the form of a maybe listicle.

  1. Updated Division E Website.  Painted Granny’s garage door and frame.  Swimming was a bit cold.  Sup’d with Butch and Suzanne…
  2. Driving to Nova Scotia to see Paul and Monique!! The roads are so different on the East Coast.
  3. Annapolis Valley.  So quiet out in the middle of nowhere.  Found shoes tho!  I really enjoy Monique.
  4. Driving back to New Brunswick.  Saw Alisa  (said Hi) Which in Masstown; very unexpected.
  5. Prep for tomorrow.  Also I found a beautiful emerald Ralph Lauren wrap dress at Winners; looking good.
  6. Drive to Fredericton for interview at UNB.
  7. Rainy day in NB.
  8. Star Wars gel pens & morose.
  9. We had cake.
  10. Steak, rain, cold.
  11. Almost finished season 2 of House.  Flying out from Fredericton and my flight is delayed. UGH.  I barely made my connection in Toronto but I still got back to SK by 7 p.m.
  12. Weird amount of Jet Lag for only a three hour time difference.  Ran with Roona and temped for a bit.
  13. Worked on algebra.  Had breakfast with Heidi at Poached; didn’t love the restaurant.  Pokemon Go with Hilary.
  14. Wrote to Christina and ran with Roona.  Outcome of Fredericton.
  15. Taste of SK with Roona, running is tasty.  Saw The Secret Life of Pets.
  16. Algebra, LSAT practice tests.  Went to Jill’s for Sangria Saturday.  Nice.
  17. Running Club morning.  Dad came back from work early, problem on the site.
  18. Monday Blues.
  19. Finally got my hairs cut.  Looking sharp and running.
  20. Lovely HOT day for lazing by the swimming pool in a giant floppy hat & went Cameco Cares Sarah Mclachlan outdoor concert.
  21. Running on the treadmill is so different than outside.
  22. No matter who you are, or where you are, or how mundane or tough your situation may seem, I believe you can illuminate your world. In fact, I believe this is the only way the world will ever be illuminated one bright act of grace at a time, all the way to the river” Elizabeth Gilbert.
  23. STAR TREK BEYOND was INCREDIBLE.  I love it so much.
  24. Run.  Sheared the dog.  Went to a Pokemon Go thing in the city with Hilary and saw Star Trek again.
  25. Applied on a whim to Marriott Hotel International and am going through the online interview process for positions in Auckland. Run.
  26. Packing and found out Marriott was a scam.  Sigh.  My luck continues.  Also very tightly wound.
  27. St. Pauls Interview.  It was so good.  Edmonton. LEGO!
  28. IKEA.  Edmonton to Calgary.  No more travelling with the parents, way too stressful.  Cousins.
  29. Up to see Erik off.  Back to bed; I’m not great at late nights.  FINALLY got the pieces to finish setting up Raspberry Pi Zero. 😀  Introduced Kris to House, how did she not know!?
  30. Long goodbyes suck.  It was an even longer drive back from AB.
  31. Exhausted all day.  Finally downloaded the OS for Pi. It’s August tmrw and I get that much older.

I think melancholic and morose are my thing now.


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