End of January

The first month of 2016 is over.  It ended properly, with a celebration!  Of my lovely friends Ben and Christina, and their 4th year of inner-city mission work in Winnipeg, MB.  Or rather, it was a thank-you for Christina’s sponsors, a pseud-28th-birthday party for Ben, and a showcase of some of their pictures and tales from their Anniversary trip to Italy (Florence and Rome).

This would be the one thing I didn’t take any pictures of.  Instead, on the following day that I stayed, Chris and I ‘adulted’ with Lego.

rsz_dsc00231  DSC00219_opt


We made a pilgrimage to the Lego Store in Polo Park, where we created approximate Lego characters of ourselves.  In order L-R, Christina, Ben, me.


I also learned about the wonder of the Brick Wall, and bought various assorted pieces without a building plan.  This is difficult for me, a suitably paranoid planner.

Regardless, I managed to create an approximation of a Truck.


While, the most experienced builder, Christina made a lovely sports car.


It was great.  Good to be there for them.  Good to sit and spend physical time with a dear friend.  And good to remember how helpful it can be to create.

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