End of February

Overall February has felt like a maintenance and preparation month; however, a friend asked me four interesting questions this month and I think they’ll make good categories in the February Review.

Old and Exciting:

Reconnected with friends!  One from Bible School in MB, which was 6 years ago now.  That’s almost unbelievable.  And another from TM who I know is going to school where I work but still don’t make enough time to talk too.

Playing around with the Windows phone I bought to travel with and that’s been fun.  It’s such a different interface than Android and Apple. But it’s electric yellow and dual sim and tbh probably a better phone than the HTC I’m currently using.

Old and Boring:

I love my dog.  He’s great.  We’ve had really warm weather recently, which he loves.  But he’s also not so bright and loves to walk in all the puddles.  I’m also attempting to teach him how to walk on the treadmill.  It’s going well.

Charlee Collage Feb 20161. He nests.  2.  He walks.  3. Soon he’ll be framed.  4.He wears shirts!  5. He stares.

New and Exciting:

Keeping things that I have going and preparing for EuroTrip 2016.  I picked up cash for Euro-Trip 2016 this month.  The exchange rate on Canadian to British Pounds Sterling is painful.  But, needs must, and I’ve already budgeted so much for this adventure.  What I’m still stuck on though is that Canada went and made plastic money and I have yet to see another country do that?  Everyone else seems to think paper is okay, so what gives.

I bought a really nice watch!  It’s a Skagen, Fossil’s Danish branch.  And I’m surprised at how easy it was to use analog again.

I challenged myself to reach 50 LinkedIn contacts this month and easily achieved it.

New and Boring:

I have a complicated relationship with my brother.  We’ve made contradictory choices in our lives and much of that combined with our shared stubbornness has made developing any kind of satisfying sibling connection difficult.  This month we went to see Deadpool together.  It went really well.  I’m making more of an effort instead of just ignoring his existence, which to be fair relives a lot of worry.  It’s a work in progress.


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