End of December and 2016

It’s been a hell of a year.  One with some really great highs and more than a few deep lows. And I’ll get around to a recap of that further down. But first, a bit of a look at December.

It came up fast and rushed out the door this year. Like most months as I get older. Work picked up, because it’s a toy store and December is our biggest month. So I worked full time hours, which was nice, because I like work and money. It was also challenging to corral more employees and be more of a manager, less hands on with some aspects and more directory.


And we have quite a bit of fun. It’s a toy store after all. I’ve enjoyed my time there. It meets the criteria of a challenging and varied job, it just doesn’t pay a living wage. Seems I can’t have it all. I’m either bored with the work and well paid or the other way around. This dilemma, along with the endless rejection over the past year trying to get a position in an HR or vaguely related field and put my degree to work, has left me empty and hopeless. Which makes it super fun! to write about. Not. I had another serious interview this month only to wait 3 weeks and get a rejection email. I keep looking but I’m now so low about my prospects and I actually like what I currently do (mostly of course) and the responsibility and trust that is placed in me as a Shift Lead that it is becoming harder and harder to slog through the job boards and go through the dismal application process only to never hear from the company even in rejection.

So job-wise 2016 was a low point.

On a smaller uphill point I finally have a new phone! I spent the majority of this year using a Windows Blu phone, which I originally bought for international travel, it’s a quad-band GSM so it’ll work anywhere. However, it was Windows OS which is not so fun. After waiting out my contract on December 11 I bought a smart Smart Phone, the Motorola Z Play by Lenovo.

Image result for motorola z play

It wears an Incipio case and looks like this.

I am very very happy to have a functional android smartphone. I can play Kwazy Kupcakes again! And text with gifs and all that cool stuff. TBH I’m not much of a power user or anything, I mostly use the same 4 apps in a day but at least I can do it quickly and enjoy the experience.

Phone wait out was a high.

It’s this kind of difference that has typified the year. My Highs are things like the phone, and Europe; but the lows are longer term and have more emotional impact, the failed job search and my intermittent relationship with running.


I’ve learned to be more accepting of my failures and flaws. To try and learn from them and learn ways to mitigate how they make me feel. Emotional Control like a Vulcan gone through Kolinahr would have been helpful. I’ve been more easily brought down this year and I’m going back to basics in 2017 to find happiness and joy in more places. I, know, obviously, this has something to do with my relationship with religion, but I haven’t sauced out how I’m going to deal with that.


In the meantime I have a dog that loves me, and tolerates the sweaters we put on him.


In less heavy things, I built a lot of Lego this year. Starting with Ben and Christina’s party in February and continuing through my trips to Edmonton and now working at a Toy store that sells it (and sells to me).  All of which was awesome.  I started out with the Star Wars sets and now I’ve accidentally fallen into the Super Girls sets.  The one above is the Bumble Bee Helicopter. It’s very unique, but the figure is so different! It’s super thin and she has curves, it’s not the typical Lego brink person. I’m not too keen on the gender differences between Lego these days. I totally get the economic choice to differentiate markets. Doesn’t mean I like it.

Anywho. It’s out with 2016 and in with 2017.  This year will be better.


and maybe I blog more. who knows.

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