End of August

This month is the a tale of four weekends, and a bit of what happens in between.


Weekend 1

After the events at the end of July my dear friend Jill invited me to roadtrip with her to…anywhere within 3 days.  So we planned a route to Jasper National Park via Edmonton.  While I had been there last weekend I’ve never been to Jasper so it was going to be something new.  We left Friday, the 5th, got to Edmonton and lost shortly after noon.  Eventually we found our way to a few malls and did a bit of shopping and relaxing before making our way to Edson, AB to spend the night at a family friend’s home.

On Saturday, we finally made it into Jasper.


It’s a BEAUTIFUL place.  We only had about 4 hours there because of the drive from Edson and the impetuous to get to Stony Plain in the evening.  So we did a 5km hike at the Valley of Five Lakes, each of which is supposed to be a different shade of blue/green.  It was just gorgeous.  We took tons of pictures and spent 3.5 hours on the trail.



We meandered back on Sunday.  It was a good trip.

Then on the Monday I applied to a Graduate Diploma Programme from the University of London in cohorts with the London School of Economics, by Friday I was accepted.

Weekend 2

This weekend was mostly about being giddy for my Grad studies, registering in classes and discovering the new Ghostbusters.
So good.  I also made postcards and did a routine mailing of things to people that I don’t talk to as much as I’d like but then that’s not really all my fault. is it. I also got quite a few runs in.  On Tuesday following I got told two of my friends are pregnant and that I didn’t get the job in Alberta. It was a mildly disappointing day.

Weekend 3

On this weekend I was invited to go…*shudder*…camping.  I don’t like camping but as I’m not all that busy and whatnot I figured I should be ‘adventurous’ and friendly.  MiStAKe.


Met up with my oldest friend Heidi on Friday and her friend Michelle.  We stayed at her family’s cabin at Christopher Lake the first night.  And I learned that I quite like kayaking!  It was fantastic weather to get out on the water so we did that both Friday night and Saturday morning before heading to Waskisu.


Unfortunately I came down with a cold on the weekend so it was even less fun to go hiking.  Also hiking in SK is nowhere near as pretty as being in Jasper.  It was quite the step down from being there earlier in August. But I still enjoyed the weekend with people I don’t spend a lot of one-on-one time with.


Then on Sunday I turned 24.  I’m unprepared for this age.  I’m well over my quarter life mark now and 23 felt like it ended too early.

Weekend 4

Cher Ami is hosting a western murder mystery party at the beginning of October and I’m so going.  It’s gonna be Fun-Tastic.

This week Jill and I tried an Escape Room in S’toon.  It was Hard and Hilarious but we finished it!  STill the logic puzzles are a bit non-intuitive.

I caved and took a retail job. 🙁 It’s not where I was hoping this year would go.  But it comes with some supervisory responsibility.

Anywho, I took A-level First Aid and CPR from St. John Ambulance this weekend.  Three days after doing CPR my hands were still a little bit bruised. But it was fun to learn and important to know.  Good skills.

And I built this.

On the last day of the month I had one more interview.  Fingers crossed it’ll be the one.

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