End of April

It’s the end of April…already.  This month in particular has flown right by.  I was in Europe until 16 and in Ontario until 22.  The day I got back into Saskatchewan I started getting a cold, which became tonsillitis.  At least it waited until I was home (it’s always easier to be sick at home).


Took this picture driving back from Chaimberlain (SK) this week.  Sunsets are lovely everywhere, but I like the prairie.

April Thoughts

I’ve been using a Passion Planner this year and it’s fantastic.  One of the nice things about it are the quotes and encouragements on the weekly pages.  In March the following was on the week I left for Europe.

Get out of your comfort zone as much as possible this week. Try to leave the house everyday.  Meet new people, and explore new places.  Go out and experience what the world has to offer.

In which, my only response was I can’t not.  But it’s a good reminder for all the time.  Except the leaving the house every day.  Sometimes it’s nice and important to stay home and get home things done.  This doesn’t mean I can’t of won’t leave just…yanno…house things.

After getting back to Canada I spent 5-ish days in Southern Ontario with my college friend Rebecca, her husband and their two young children.  Getting back to Canada and immediately dealing with small children was an odd experience.  I’m not ready to deal with kids on an ongoing basis.  It was also a really fast slow-down after being alone and in fast moving countries.  I finally got to see a bit more of Toronto on my last day in Ontario, and have an extended lunch with one of my tour friends, Trix.  That was wonderful. This picture includes city hall, which has two TALL towers and they’re curved?  Trix’s office is right at the end of one of these towers so her office window curves and it’s just an interesting set-up.


In addition to finishing my travel this month I’ve been looking for a new career opportunity.  That sounds pretentious.  I made all the life changes in one fell swoop, so graduated, decided to travel, and left my job so that I could travel unimpeded and try to make that career change from just administration to human resources and/or labour relations.  I love HR and LR, my degree confirmed that interest and passion, but finding work in the Canadian recession without networking my way in is proving to be a challenge.  I had interviews early on in the job process but ever since I turned that last job offer down there has been Nothing on the horizon.  And this is where two other quotes from the planner became and are still poignant.   This first from Michelangelo

The greater danger for most of us lives not in setting our aim too high and falling short.  But in setting our aim too low and achieving our mark.

and this one from Thomas Edison,

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.  The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

It’s an encouragement and reminder to keep trying, because constant rejection wears on your self-perception and confidence.  I know I’m smart and capable so I need to keep trying and not just settle low or aim too low.  I have interests and education and experience and the ability to not write all my sentences with and connecting them.


In the meantime I’m going to keep looking, talking to people, and keeping busy.  Since I’ve been back I’ve put together some of my pictures and learnt to narrate my adventures and shown a number of friends that.  Better, I’ve been getting together with my friends.  I like my people.  They’re good people.  I think they make me a better person.  Questionably, I’ve also been spending time with my brother.  See below.



I am also going to try out some more Toastmasters clubs.  I love the people in my home club, they’re incredible, clever, and familiar.  But I have the time and should get out to see what else is happening in Saskatoon.  I also need to figure out a new calendar system for the Division webpage and it can’t hurt to solicit input from the audience that I’m serving by keeping up that website. Also the visual editor that I was using on the webpage, well the license is mine and I want the visual editor for my website so I had to find a different visual editor, and we’re not using a free one on the Div page.  It looks just a little bit differently, it’s much more manual adjusting that the previous one.  New learning curve.  Also means I have to rewrite the how-to guide.  That’s something that is on the to-do list and I just need to get to it.


Patiently waiting for summer to show up in Saskatchewan or I need to go somewhere with actual summer already.

A few more points

  • I like Star Wars: The Force Awakens a lot, way more than expected
  • I’m going to read the 12 books I’ve ordered from the Library
  • I saw Mary Poppins at the Persephone with my mother and grandmother, it was good
  • My German II classes were cancelled 🙁
  • Opened an RSP, feeling adult
  • Slightly obsessed with Casey Neistat’s daily vlogging


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