End of July

In the form of a maybe listicle. Updated Division E Website.  Painted Granny’s garage door and frame.  Swimming was a bit cold.  Sup’d with Butch and Suzanne… Driving to Nova Scotia to see Paul and Monique!! The roads are so different on the East Coast. Annapolis Valley.  So quiet out in the middle of nowhere.… Read More End of July

End of June

It’s the halfway point of the year…and like all the previous months I’m shocked that it’s here already. It’s a surprising place to be all of the sudden.  Especially since I haven’t reached some of my goals, my rather important, and deeply ingrained into who I see myself goals.  I’m rather, deeply, disappointed with myself.  This is… Read More End of June

End of May

PASSION There is endless chatter these days about finding your passion, living your passion, and leveraging your passion to be successful.  I’ve struggled with this for months since I graduated and actually before, becuase if you know and have a passion apparently it’s easier to brand yourself and to narrow your focus on what kind… Read More End of May